Rocky Mountain Chapter Event: Wednesday March 18th

Hello all,

Short notice I know. Sorry for that! However, we have a very fun and informative meeting planned for next week.

Basically, Melodie Miller (Director of Product Develpment - Sierra Designs; Apparel) will be giving us an overview of how SD designs and developes product. She'll be hitting on some key points such as;
  • Design Innovation in Technical outer wear (existing and how to...)
  • How to cross over with fashion and technically performance based products
  • Perceptions in a niche market place and the permission given to expand

I believe that in our given economic climate right now, it would be advantageous for those NOT involved in the apparel industry to attend this as it might provide valuable information in some tangible ways to bring back to our clients/employers.

In addition to the above;

"Composition started as my way to express and share a passion for design. It started a little over 5 years ago with a 450 square foot space in lower downtown Denver. It was a terrible retail location but I guess I was so optimistic and naive that I didn't know any better. I think my sheer exuberance for the products, vendors and the people I was meeting carried me through that first 15 months. Since then, I have learned a great deal about the retail business and its many challenges; grown the store to 2600 square feet in its current Belmar location and continued to feed and share my passion for design and the creative community that this store reaches. I have a lot more to say and share, but right now there is a website to launch."
Jennifer Roberts, Owner; Composition

In addition to hosting our event, Composition has offered us 15% off everything in the store for this event only!

Please join us!


  1. Ooo... The address is small up there. Here it is:

    7180 w alaska drive
    lakewood co 80226


  2. Who's in for skipping Human Factors?! Let's do it!