Merit Practice Presentation

Hey All-

Metro's Merit Award Winner, Jason Robinson, will be giving his first practice presentation before the conference. Come and see what he's got and give him your support and advice.

Thursday April 9th at 7pm.
Most likely in the Plastics Lab.

See you there!


  1. Hey everyone! So I don't know if you know...but "Objectified" (the movie) is coming to the design savoy city of DENVER! It's Monday April 27th @ 7pm playing at the Mayan Theater. It's going to be ID sick!

    It would be something good to bring that special person in your life that still doesn't know what you do! ("so, you're like an architect?")

    check it... http://www.objectifiedfilm.com/blog/special-screenings-denver-vancouver/

  2. Oh...and the point of the post is to say that we should get a group together.