Upcoming IDSA event - invite ANYONE!

On July 1st (a great way to start off the July 4th weekend) we have secured one of the REI Flagship store Conference rooms for our next meeting. There will be food/drink/fellowship and hopefully to match our first meeting at the beginning of the year. In other words, lets make this a BIG to DO! : )

Please mark your calendars and pass the word on to IDSA and Non-IDSA people. Yes, this is also to include people interested in learning more about the outdoor industry and what life is like as a designer in this field.

I'll be putting out more of a formal PDF the week of June 1st. However, this is to get your taste-buds going! : )

So - here's the plan:

1. Meeting at REI Flagship - Denver, Colorado
2. Food and Beverages at REI (come hungry)
3. EVERY STINKING DESIGNER that either currently as their own design or the company they're working for on the floor currently at REI in the Colorado region NEEDS to be there!
4. If you don't have anything currently on the floor but did last season, bring along this example and we'll give you the opportunity to discuss and explain etc.
5. We will put pods together in order to circulate around the REI floor. 10-15 minute rotations ect. TIME Frames are subject to change!
6. Head off into the sunset in search of more beer! good time to talk more in a different setting!

Overall macro vision = to give students, design professionals, non-design professionals and the community a glimps into what PRODUCT DESIGN is like for the "outdoor" industry.

YES! This is great way to network and explore other areas of design that non-outdoor industry people aren't familiar with!!!!

I NEED your help to pull this event off! REI has a 3 month waiting list and I finally got the go-ahead last week. Let's make this REALLY cool! Something for our neighboring chapters to envy!

Please pass along the word to others as I am missing about 75% of emails from our fellow designers that fall into this above category! Again, you guys have to help me - I can't pull this off alone! : )

Thanks in advance for all of your efforts and helping to make this event even better then our first one!!!!

If you have any questions please contact any MSCD-IDSA student officers or Ted Shin, or Jason Belaire, IDSA RM chair.

Jason P. Belaire, IDSA
Design Manager

BOSG - Boulder Outdoor Specialty Group

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