IDSA meetings this week!

IDSA will be holding three meetings in the Studio this week:

**Tuesday Sept. 22 at 5pm & Wednesday Sept. 23 at 11:30**
These first two will be short half hour informative sessions on what
the club has planned for this year. The most important thing is for you
to come to one of the meetings and tell us what you'd like to do as a
club this year, these suggestions will inform our plans for the whole
year. We are also voting on a standard meeting time for the semester.
We are having two of these in order to accommodate the most students

Add Tuesday's event to your Google Calendar:
Add Wednesday's event:

**Thursday Sept. 24 at 5:30**
Internship round table discussion/presentation. Please join those of
us that just finished our internship,we'd like to share our experiences.
Learn how we got the job, what we did while we were there, and what
advice we have for those about to intern. If the company you interned
for is looking for more help please come to the meeting and share those
contacts as well.
Thursday event:

Thanks for reading all of this!

e-mail rmeier4@mscd.edu with any questions

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