Pech Kucha @ MCA

PechaKucha for Haiti
20 seconds, 20 images, 200 cities, 2000 presentations, 200,000 people - with the aim to raise $1,000,000 for rebuilding Haiti.
February 20th, location and presenters TBA, free / all donations go to Architecture for Humanity


On Saturday 20 February PechaKucha events will be held all around the world. All the PechaKucha Night cities will be connected by a 24-hour PechaKucha presentation WAVE that will gradually move westward city by city, circumnavigating the globe. The wave will be dropping in on each city for around 10 minutes for a video link up and a live presentation. This presentation wave will be streamed over the internet on a 24-hour WAVEcast, which we think will be a world first.


The PechaKucha Presentation WAVE will start simultaneously in SuperDeluxe in Tokyo where PechaKucha Night was first conceived, and in our most easterly city in New Zealand. It will then move west crossing all times zones and cultures. The PechaKucha WAVE will finally come ashore in San Francisco, where Architecture for Humanity (AFH) is headquartered. AFH's founder, Cameron Sinclair, will be there with the rest of San Francisco to give presentations and celebrate the successful circumnavigation of the world. That will be about 1pm Sunday Japan time. We plan to a have a big event in Tokyo, linking to San Francisco by video so we can all focus our thoughts on Haiti.

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