Metro State I.D. department BBQ/KICKBALL

Ok folks due to popular demand we're scheduling a Metro State College of Denver Industrial Design dept. bbq/kickball event at City Park Denver.

Thats right this event is for the entire Metro State I.D. department gathering. It doesn't matter if you are an IDSA member, ALL Metro State I.D. students and faculty are welcome to show up.

We'll be starting the kickball and bbq action at 3pm, staying in the park until 7-8pm.

There are two great spots in the City Park for bbq and kickball. Plan A we meet just south of the "pavilion". If that area is crowded we'll initiate plan B which will move us west of the pavilion near field SC4. You should be able to spot our grill and GREEN marker balloon either way! Please refer to the jpg map for details.

Bring your own beverages (no bottles), and food to cook on the grill!

I.D. dept friends and family are welcome.

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