IDSArm October Event

FWD from IDSArm:

"Hello Design Community:

IDSArm wanted to inform you all that we have NOT fallen off the face of the earth. We wanted to be respectful to those who have families with little ones getting into the groove of school. Some of the college students have been out of state and too are getting settled into this next semester. However, NOW WE ARE BACK TO BEING DISRESPECTFUL! : )

The IDSArm team has put together another GREAT opportunity for professionals and students to mingle. And yes, as this next event will be in October – beer will be involved!

We are still working out the details however, this is how we see it going down:

Date: October 20th
Time: 6:30 – 10:00 p.m.
Place: Lisa Kowalski’s gallery
2762 Walnut St., Denver, CO

Objective: 3 Fold actually!

1. Speed dating concept. However with a twist. Students will bring ONE project (most likely a senor thesis or capstone project - however, not limited to that criteria only). They get 5 minutes in front of a design professional and will need to present and receive feedback in that time frame. Then the student will move over to the next seat and that professional will critique that same project in 5 minutes. By the end of the event – you will have had approx 15 professional’s input. We HOPE then that some time in March we will have the same event and you can get some last minute feed back before FINAL projects are due. Again...you’re being exposed to many different design influences from different disciplines and educational backgrounds. Your project doesn’t have to be in immaculate form for this either. That’s in part why the secondary event will be offered.

Professionals: Make note – this is a great way to give back to the design community and to spend 5 minutes with a potential future employee.
Students: Make note – this a a great way to...blah blah blah! ; ) YOU GET IT!

2. Presentation from someone. Preferably someone who has access to beer. Seriously. Ok, actually – someone who would sponsor the event so we can make this a FREE event or a VERY minimal charge. Know anyone?

3. Pumpkin carving contest. That’s right. BYOP! And bring your own carving tools. We’re going to split teams evenly and each team will either be given or will have to come up with a theme and all team members will bring to fruition the team vision. There will be some SERIOUS schwag given out to the winners.

All we ask of you right now is to MARK YOUR CALENDARS and be ready to RSVP so we can organize appropriately. An actual PDF promoting this event will be sent out in the next week or so.

Hopefully you will agree that this event is a great way to start off the FALL season. Please make it a priority to attend.

Thank you and HOPE to see a full turn out! Especially YOU PROFESSIONALS! : )"

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