Metro State IDSA SKETCH! Nights Oct. 23rd @ 7:00pm

Introducing the First EVER Metro State Sketch! Nights! This FRIDAY the 23rd @ Wazee Supper Club 1600 15th Street Denver,CO PH: (303) 623-9518.

Each week we'll offer a Sketch! Night on FRIDAYS, providing both an inspirational and challenging experience for the designer/artist. It is our goal to not only improve basic sketching skills but, also focus on design ideation/communication. These Sketch! Nights will be an open forum and we'll always try something different. Local Denver designers/artists from all skill levels are invited and encouraged to Sketch! with us!

Sketch! Nights will not just be a group of Designers/Artists getting together to sketch. It's a way for like minded creative individuals to come together and support each other through sketching. Everyone (even you!) can improve their sketching abilities, no matter what your background is. These Sketch nights are designed to improve your personal skill set while providing models for inspiration.

Sketch! Nights will include: workshops, product design themes, 1-2hour design challenges, Sketch!-Offs, and general design theme nights. We'll also bring in some local professional designers/artists to offer present their own projects, demos, sketching feedback and provide general sketching tips for the group.

Join us for Metro State Sketch! Nights @ Wazee Supper Club it's FREE!

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