RE: Rocky Mountain IDSA @ DoubleButter 10.14.09

For all of you that could make it down to the Rocky Mountain IDSA chapter meeting @ DoubleButter thanks for showing up! To those of you that couldn't make it, you missed out!


DoubleButter is based right here in Denver,CO. They design and manufacture their modern furniture line in house. The company was founded by David Larabee and Dexter Thorton. Check out their new website http://www.doublebutter.com/ . Their furniture lineup all share the DoubleButter design "DNA": made in the USA, high quality, modern, and very durable. Each piece is made in house, and most of the materials are also Denver sourced. You can see all of their furniture on their website, which features high quality product photography of each piece in their furniture lineup.


1. David Klein (IDSA Western District V.P.)- Gave a key note speech outlining IDSA events for the year, specifically the IDSA western district conference.

2. Jason Belaire (Rocky Mountain IDSA Chapter president)- Introduced both Brian Larabee and Dexter Thorton of DoubleButter

3. Brian Larabee/Dexter Thorton- Presented their company, manufacturing, and some of the products that they design and produce in house, this was then followed by an audience Q&A session.

Overall it turned out to be a fantastic event, with a good showing of both professionals and students from Metro State and A.I.C.....

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