Info from meeting on 1/130/2009

First off, there were new officers selected for Fall 2009.
President - Robyn Meier
Vice President/Secretary - Jeffrey Matthias
Treasurer - Alex Horn

Congrats to them. (Yes, I did just congratulate myself)

We had a quick run-down on the little that is known about the 2009 IDSA Western District Conference:
-Last Weekend of April (24-26)
-Will be Somewhere in Santa Monica, CA (LAX airport if you're looking to book a flight)

All the members present brainstormed about what they want from Metro IDSA this semester. Here's the basics:
-Team competitions (so look out for good ones and let us know)
-Develop a IDSA or Metro ID website/gallery to show student work (we will need volunteers)
-Work on circulating submission info to publications
-Look for pro bono design opportunities with local businesses
-Enter the Mod Livin' dog contest ( http://www.modlivin.com/bestinshow.cfm )
-Materials swap
-Bake Sale (ok, not really, but we do need to have some fundraisers, so if you get ideas...)
-Bike Ride (you DO have a bike, DON'T YOU?)
-More Sketching Workshops
-Digital Workshops (Illustrator/Photoshop, etc.)
-Graphic Design Workshop (serious, I've seen your portfolio layout. We both need this one)
-Composites Workshop
-Webinar (obviously at other peoples' mercy here)
-A mentor program (of course, I'd be happy to tell all of the newer students what to do)
-A materials auction (in lieu of the swap, in order to raise funds)

Let us know if you have any other bright ideas. Keep the dim ones to yourself, please.

Pretty soon I will be hosting a quick workshop on staying on top of design news and idsa info the easy way.

I'm tired of writing. And I can't think of anything else. Oh, Jacob ordered more veggie pizzas than meat and cheese pizzas combined. Are we going to let that stand?

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