Upcoming Events

Hey you crazy kids!

There will be more info forthcoming on all of these events, but we want to give you as advanced warning as possible for the next three upcoming events.

(Drawing) Open Mic - Sunday, Feb. 22 @ 2pm
This is an opportunity to show off any little tricks you have picked up as well as to learn from your esteemed schoolmates. So what if the only thin you draw well is coffee makers; show everyone your tricks.

Keeping up to date on Design with Ease
- Tuesday, Feb. 24 @ 4pm
This will be an introduction to RSS readers and a demo on how to use them to make keeping up with the design world easy. It will also include an introduction to how we are going to use the free tools from Google to keep everyone in the know on IDSA events.

Build a Mousebot, and intro to electronics
- Sunday, Mar. 8 @ 4pm
Through building a light seeking robot out of an old computer mouse, you will get a very important introduction to easy to design around electronics. If you want to start making prototypes that WORK but don't know where to begin, this is a great place to start.

There will be individual updates on all of these events (including location) but if you have any questions, please contact Jacob, Robyn, or Jeffrey.

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