Stay on top of the design Workshop

When: Tuesday, Feb 24 (yeah, that's tomorrow) @4:30pm
Where: The Studio
Why: Because staying on top of all the design news that you should be staying on top of is hard. This includes sources like Core77 (& Coroflot), Designboom, and even the Metro ID posts (like what used to be on the bulletin outside the office). I'll show you how to keep this and the IDSA schedule and blog all within easy reach from anywhere that you can access the internet.

I'll introdcue the concept of and RSS reader, show a few free options, and then show how to use it as a tool while you're in the Industrial Design Program.

The presentation will only be 30-45 minutes, depending on questions, and I will be happy to work with individuals afterward to help set them up.

Email me with any questions at jeffrey@matthias.org

-Mr. Jeffrey

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